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Hala Café & Bakery on Urbanspoon

Lunch at Hala Cafe.  The place is informal with a well stocked mini mart with all kinds of foodstuff, from fresh pitas to boxes of sweet desserts.  Hala Cafe also has a buffet that seems popular.  I was in the area and had never been there so I ordered grape leaves, gyro sandwich, and hummus (Click on these to see a definition) to get a feel for the quality of the food.  The grape leaves were ok, the hummus was very good with freshly baked pita, and the gyro sandwich was standard.  Unfortunately, these days most Greek, Mediterranean, Middle Eastern establishments do not stack slices of meat but rather grind them together.  The ONLY place I know that still does this traditionally is a tiny 8 - seat Palestinian restaurant on the Upper Westside in NY.  My companions had lentil soup and a chicken salad pita and they seemed satisfied.  Overall, I have no complaints - the place was clean, sevice good, and very resonable.

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