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Blue Bamboo Restaurant and Wine Bar on Urbanspoon

Atmosphere: Blue Bamboo is a good sized restaurant with ample seating, is clean, and well lighted.  It also has a few tables at the back (wine) area for a more private, quiet (and dimmer) setting if you prefer.  Music palys in the background but is not loud or annoying.  Partons having dinner kept coversations to themselves so everyone could enjoy their dinner experience there.

The Menu: Blue Bamboo offers an ever changing menu based on the freshest seasonal ingredients.  They have a lunch, dinner, and entrees from a "Street Eats" menu.  Regional Asian dishes with a western twist makes the selection intersting while maintaing the flavors of authentic asian fare.  For starters we had Crab Rangoon, Chili-Garlic Chicken Sticks, and Calamari.  One reviewer said that this is the best Crab Rangoon shs had here in Jax.  The Chicken sticks were very flavorful by itself, or dipped in the 2 accompanying sauces.  I love noodles so I could not help myself to sample someting from the Street Eats menu (and rate it against street fare found troughout asia) - I had the Wok Tossed Rice Noodles with Beef (to south east asians its called Char Kway Teow.)  This is a very simple and satifying dish that was prepared the way it is supposed to be (without any fancy garnishings.)  I was quite impressed with the authenticity.  Our other entrees included the Bok Choy Greens, Traditional Pad Thai, and the Cantonese Pan Fried Noodles.  The Greens were fresh, the Pad Thai was pretty good, and the Cantonese Pan Fried Noodles was excellent!  Most entrees are around $15.  We requested "thin" pan fried noodles and our request was follwed, and the dish came out nice and crispy, and the sauce was very tasty.  For dessert we had an assorment - their signature Mandarin Orange Cake is a definate must try.  The Mango and Lychee sherberts were light and tasty.  Blue Bamboo also features a good wine selection and bar specialties.

The Service: Excellent.  Our server Lauren was great.  She knew the menu inside-out and could answer all our questions from sauces to how things were prepared.  Drinks, appetizers, and dinner arrived in a timely manner.  Throughout our dinner, our server was attentive and we never had to wave her down to get her attention.  During service, owner/chef Dennis Chan came out to speak with us (as he does with all other patrons.)  This is indicative of the care and level of attention Blue Bamboo extends to their patrons. 

I would definately return to Blue Bamboo as I liked the authenticity of the food!


#1 2010-08-31 13:34
This is one of my favorite restaurants! The food is delicious!I love the Green Curry Shrimp and Salmon! Great selection on wines and martinis. Great service and atmosphere.. Perfect place for date night and girl's night out!:)

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